Month: November 2008

My First Use Case Video


Global Downturn

As the downturn continues it will be interesting to see the effect on Skype useage. I’m betting that companies will be looking to reduce Communications costs. They’ll be more willing to try something new. We’ll see.

I really like the video by Skype for Business

Skype could do wonders for your business.

Communication Revolution

The new Skype Era has benefited millions with the ability to have free international computer to computer internet calling. This ability has opened a gateway for software developers to directly access an enormous user base through a single community. Developers have created programs to enable screen sharing, conference calling, document storage, and document sharing among

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Skype now Integrated with SFDC

The productivity of inside sales people just took a huge leap forward. When you are in SFDC all your phone numbers are highlighted. With a click of the mouse you can dial anyone. If the prospect has a Skype name it’s free. If the prospect is overseas then the cost is a few pennies per

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My life with SaaS

This is my first attempt at Blogging. So here goes. I became enamored with the concept of delivering business application over the Internet in mid 1999. Back then it was called Application Service Provider (ASP). It was my first time to get hooked on a technology at the very beginning. I got in at the

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Joining the Blogosphere

So I have been struggling with what the content should be for our company’s first official blog post. Writing and rewriting again the usual elevator pitch I realized this is not the environment to be pushing information at someone and would encourage readers to run away instead of subscribing. Following others examples such as chrisbrogan,

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