Communication Revolution


The new Skype Era has benefited millions with the ability to have free international computer to computer internet calling. This ability has opened a gateway for software developers to directly access an enormous user base through a single community. Developers have created programs to enable screen sharing, conference calling, document storage, and document sharing among many others. Yet, none have so effectively tackled the need of an all-in-one user friendly collaboration tool, until now… InnerPass a Framingham, Massachusetts based company has provided a free for ever version that enables a user to create an online document meeting room (DMR) or more simply put as a virtual conference room. This DMR allows you to not only share documents, but also provides the capability to share your screen, chat, and hold an online conference call while being fully integrated with Skype.

If you asked Bill Trail InnerPass’s EVP of Sales and Marketing what their goal has been for the year he would say “To be the world’s best file sharing and collaboration Skype Extra.” Well, it looks like they are on the right path. The product boast’s a powerful collaboration system with a user friendly “Skype Environment.” It looks and feels like you’re in a room with Skype. The system was created to eliminate the need to e-mail files. Instead you have a persistent document meeting room which allows you to share and/or discuss with a plethora of individuals from wherever they have internet or phone access.

InnnerPass launched their Skype Extra in June of 2008, by mid November of 2008 they already had over 90,000 users of their Skype extra. In October just four months after launch they officially became a member of the select few products that are not only certified but known as a Skype Premium Extra.

Want to know how the extra works? Simple! Create a room and add guests from your Skype contacts that are instantly available. Drag and drop any files, videos or links that you feel pertinent. Send the invitation through Skype chat or outlook and you have a fully functional collaboration meeting. Not only is it simple, InnerPass provides features and functionality to get the most out of their product. Host’s can grant guests additional privileges such as adding their own files, contacts, etc. A benefit to the user is the persistence of the meeting rooms. The meeting rooms can be available as long as needed; for days, weeks and even months. That means that the host and the guests in the room can access the files and collaborate with each other as long as needed. Meetings can be made reoccurring or scheduled, and there is a history of all activity by the room’s members. If you’re a small business owner and feel that you want more? Yes, Innerpass has that answer too, they provide the option to upgrade to a full document management service.

What does the future of InnerPass hold? Well, they seem to know and are very enthusiastic. Just recently Om Malik of had an interview with Josh Silverman the CEO of Skype where he went on to discuss the future of his company:

“Now if you think about the spectrum of communications, it goes from very short twitter like communications, in our case we call that a “mood message” to chat, to voice, to video, to file transfer and online collaboration. A whole set of different modes you want to talk in all tied together by some common services for example one common address book, common set of presence. And what consumers want and need is that core set of services that follow them from device to device everywhere they are. We think Skype is uniquely well positioned to capitalize on that, in fact we think that is the future.”

Following a similar roadmap, InnerPass plans on implementing more Skype integration such as video for group meetings. Furthermore, they plan on carrying their services across other major medians such as the iPhone! Did I say enthusiastic? The two companies have similar plans for the future. Not a bad idea when you want to be the World’s best Skype Extra!


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