Customer Testimonial

Here is a recent letter I received from a user of our product. I think it speaks very loudly what the potential of our product is.:

Dear InnerPass,

I am senior and marketing major in College and like most seniors I also have been assigned the daunting task of a senior thesis/project. My project: Along with four of your peers create a thorough marketing plan for a local business. For the project to be successful our group needs to have bi-weekly meetings to brainstorm, strategize, create, review and ultimately present the marketing plan to the class at the end of the semester. Sounds like a pretty standard project for the business environment right? Well, college is not exactly a 9-5 work day. What always seems to be the most difficult for my fellow classmates and I is the ability to coordinate a time and location for us to meet. Class schedules, work and transportation are hard enough barriers to set up an hour meeting once a month, not to mention twice a week.

InnerPass is amazing, I was able to set up an online meeting room in seconds and invite my fellow group members. I could store and then InnerPass my files to the room participants. Online conference calls and chats via Skype are easy as the click of a button. And I could even share my screen to practice my PowerPoint presentation to the other group members. My professor was even able to join, track and assist us in the process. In short, your product is absolutely amazing and helped me earn an A for the first semester.

Thanks InnerPass,

Tim ******


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