Some BIG News

Hello InnerPassers, I should probably first introduce myself, my name is Curtis Freedman, I am the Customer Experience Manager at InnerPass.  I have had the privilege of working with some of you before, mostly on the support side, and am constantly working to improve the user experience of our application, website and support site.  Please let me know if there is anything I can ever help you with.  My email address is

I wanted to let you all know what happened yesterday in the World of InnerPass.  Before I finished my morning coffee our total InnerPass user community surged pass the one-millionth user.   If you have InnerPass installed on your computer you can see the total users in the top right hand corner.  Of course that’s great news for us and it also means great news to all of our active users.   I believe that when a community grows it generates a place for users to share and collaborate.   With most of our users from the business community it becomes a social network for businesses.  The full power of any application, similar to InnerPass, is achieved with a strong user community and support network.   Some contributions from this network has already started – using our user forum the community has started shaping various tips-and-tricks and best practices across different industries.   Check it out at   Please feel free to post anything yourself;  just create your own security name and password and you can post in any of our community sections.   I’ll have more news next week so best of luck and happy InnerPassing!


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