Great Article: How ArtisansLabel.Com uses Skype & InnerPass

Have you Discovered Skype?

“…However, I see Skype’s greatest impact on the business world. Years ago, it was a giant production and great expense to set up a video conference between offices in different locations. Now all you need to do is download Skype. Skype has increased the communication within organizations and allowed people to effectively communicate and hold meetings even when they can not be in the office. And they have added features specifically aimed towards helping businesses more effectively conference via there services.

Ben Parr (for Mashable: The Social Media Guide) writes, “InnerPass is a Skype add-on, so it is desktop software. Once installed, it provides a simple interface for businesses to easily collaborate and share information and files, as well as set up video conferences.” (InnerPass has a monthly subscription fee of $4.95).

InnerPass’s most useful features are, Virtual Meeting Rooms (which make it simple to share links and files with anyone in the room), Contact management within its list system (helpful for separating business from personal contacts), and Screen Sharing (for live demos or presentations).

ArtiSans has already implemented the use of Skype to their daily way of doing business. ArtiSans employees have a daily web-conference to increase company communication and to be sure everyone is on the same page about what needs to be done. It is a great way for us to meet daily without having to interrupt the flow of our business away from the office/studio. Also, Skype allows us to hold meetings with vendors and clients who are not local. By using Skype to conference with them, we don’t have to spend money on travel, and can meet quicker to resolve any issues or communicate on a project…”

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