Month: November 2009

InnerPass Community Skyrockets 900%

InnerPass has just crossed the threshold of 1.7 million users! Not a bad number since I tweeted “InnerPass has over 170,000 users!” on December 15th 2008. That is a 900% increase in user base in just 11 months. Please be sure to follow me on twitter at to find out all the up to

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Skype exceeds 500,000,000 Accounts

As of September 30, Skype hit over 520MM accounts. Skype to Skype minutes  surged to over 27 Billion Graphs from Jean Mercier Blog Skype is now running at an annualized revenue of  almost $750MM Skype had a booth at VoiceCon. They had continuous traffic. The big topic was Skype’s support for the Session Initiated Protocol

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Don’t Go Phishing

InnerPass is warning Skype users of a new phishing scam spreading through direct Skype Chat messages on the Skype network, which redirects you to a fake log-in page to steal your Skype username and Skype password. The team at InnerPass found this out the hard way!  If you receive a strange direct Skype text message

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