InnerPass Milestones

We recently told you about how InnerPass reached 1.7 million, but that’s not our only milestone this month.  InnerPass for the Mac is here!  It has all the functionality that is available on InnerPass for Windows.  Until this point, Mac users could only be guests of meeting rooms and screen sharing sessions.  Now Mac users are able to set up and launch their own sessions.  To download, go to and select Mac. 

Teachers and instructors of all levels have embraced our application.   Instructors who perform PowerPoint presentations through Screen Sharing tell us it’s like making a live presentation in the classroom.  We are so happy that this has caught on, that InnerPass is now granting to any college or university student, professors and teachers, a free account with the Professional Plan.   The system will try to recognize their edu status automatically; otherwise they can contact us at

The InnerPass development team is currently creating a mobile version of InnerPass, starting with the iPhone and expanding to Android-based phones.  These devices are an important and growing component of business collaboration.  A mobile version of InnerPass will allow business mobile professionals access to their meetings, scheduled calls, and files all the time.  You can expect to see this by the end of the year.


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