Skype 4.2 in Beta

Skype 4.2 is in Beta and it includes some great new functions.

Skype Access – Ever been in a café, airport or on a train, wanted to get online and had to fiddle around with credit cards and login details for WiFi networks? Or been in a situation where you want to make a quick Skype call or send a couple of emails, but didn’t want to fork out for an hour’s WiFi access? Here’s the solution:  pay by the minute for WiFi access using your Skype Credit with a single click.

Call transfer – Call Transfer is an important function for many who use Skype in a small business environment. With Skype 4.2, you can transfer calls to one of your Skype contacts free of charge or to a landline or mobile by using Skype Out.

Call Quality Indicator – Skype 4.2 has a new Call Quality indicator to help you get the best calling experience possible. They’ve improved the way Skype works with the new taskbar and system tray in Windows 7, as well as made a number of improvements to the way they help people get up and running with Skype for the first time. See  Skype Blogs by Peter Parkes for complete details.


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