Skype Seeks World Domination

I have never witnessed such a Rate of Technology adoption as we are seeing with Skype. Remember, Skype is only 6 1/2 years old.

In 2009 Skype carried 12% of  ALL International Calling minutes World Wide. That’s up 50% from 2008.

“Skype Numerologist”

I follow the unofficial “Skype Numerologist”  Jean Mercier.  One of the stats he tracks is when the “Number of Concurrent” Skype users breaks a new Million user mark for the first time.  Back in 2008 Jean reported that it took 21o days to go from 12MM to 13MM concurrent users.   Last week Jean reported that the jump from 21MM to 22MM took only 7 days. Totally amazing!!  I attribute this hockey stick growth to the dramatic increase in call/video quality that came with Skype 4.0. What do you think?


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