Month: April 2010

Skype and InnerPass for Distance learning

We are seeing a tremendous increase in the number of customers who are delivering all types of training globally using Skype with InnerPass.  If you’re not familiar with the terms Distance Learning or Distance Education, it is a field of education that focuses on providing instruction to students who are not physically “on site” in

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New Pricing Model

New InnerPass Subscription Plans and their prices are changing for the better.   Today we offer three primary plans plus several customized plans.   Each current plan had different options with varying limits placed on usage.   We’ve simplified all of this and we’re removing most of the limits.   Starting in late May there will only be 2

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New Guest Page

The InnerPass team has been busy building a new web site just for meeting guests.  Some of our subscribers use InnerPass with people who do not have InnerPass or Skype and this new guest page is making collaboration with them much easier.   The website is a very light version of InnerPass that allows you

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