New Guest Page

The InnerPass team has been busy building a new web site just for meeting guests.  Some of our subscribers use InnerPass with people who do not have InnerPass or Skype and this new guest page is making collaboration with them much easier.   The website is a very light version of InnerPass that allows you to view files and host ad-hoc presentations.  The main benefit is that you have quick access to InnerPass even if you are not logged into Skype or don’t have Skype at all.  It’s important to note here that since MyGuestPage is not connected to Skype, we’ve provided a bridge number that you and your guests can call if you need to conference.     To login, just use your valid email address and if you already have an InnerPass login then use the same password, otherwise just create one.

Few great features to mention here:  first you can see all files uploaded by you across all your rooms with just one click.   You can also see all files uploaded by others across all rooms and of course, you can still view files grouped by meeting room.

The other super feature is the ability to attend a screen sharing session that’s currently live in any of your rooms.     So if you’re running late or forgot which room has the meeting then just click on the ‘Attend a Meeting’ button and you will see all meetings currently active and the name of the host; one click and you are connected.  The more expensive Webex or GoToMeeting applications can’t do this.  These are both great applications but they’re more expensive and don’t offer everything we do.

Enjoy the new website and don’t forget to use the feedback button to report a problem or just tell us how much you love it.  Ciao

New InnerPass Guest Page


2 comments on “New Guest Page

  1. Javier Villalva
    May 20, 2010 at 2:48 am #

    This important new feature needs a longer explanation! it opens full new market for you: for example, my clients that are inside corporative (big) nets are not allowed to install programs in their PC (=not able to install InnerPass), NOR are allowed to install/use Skype.
    My (uncleared) question: is this new feature (“new guest page” solving this problem?

  2. Steve
    May 20, 2010 at 12:00 pm #

    Hi Javier, this new MyGuestPage is moving in that direction. This first version will allow you to login (or signup if you’re new) as a Guest. In other words if someone else was hosting a meeting then you can access that meeting here without any download. You can host or attend a screen sharing session here. What you can’t do yet is manage your contacts and you can’t launch a Skype call or Skype chat but those are coming.

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