Recently we read an article published by Simon Mackie regarding Top 10 Teleconferencing Tips.  I thought it was worth referring to this article and adding my comments here. 

Interesting point of view on teleconferencing- particularly in mentioning that Skype is a useful solution for smaller companies.   The backchannel idea is a smart addition to the list.   I see three more tips which we’re addressing at InnerPass: 

  1. the quality of the call itself is without doubt one of the most important components.    Since Skype is already a household name for consumers it should also be a solution for the SMB.  But large meetings, where people are all connecting via Skype or another VoIP service, is difficult to manage and the quality degrades when there’s a large number of participants.     InnerPass is currently in beta with an integrated Skype solution that will allow up to 100 Skype calls on the conference call.  The call quality should be the same as a 1-on-1 call.
  2. the second suggestion I want to share isn’t anything new.   I find that if you can share your screen during the presentation then it allows everyone to follow along.  This works with almost every type of meeting (presentations, document reviews, product demos).  Since businesses are using teleconferencing in place of a meeting in-person it needs to simulate the real thing.  I still prefer to have my meetings in person whenever possible but it’s not always possible or even affordable. 
  3. my last suggestion is to make sure everyone has access to everything about the meeting in a shared area.   Anything meaningful, like the presentation, literature, documents, agenda, and minutes should be in a place where all can grab it.   Sometimes a recorded file to the meeting is very helpful.     All participants should have access to this material before, during and after the live meetings. 

 The objective is to create a teleconferencing environment where everyone in the meeting is comfortable participating.   Having a good process in place and using the right tools will help make your meetings successful.   If you’re in your own office (at work or home) and you’re trying to participate in a teleconference then let’s face it, you’ll be tempted to multi-task.  Too many things are fighting for our attention all the time: our blackberry or Smartphone device, emails, websites, and anyone walking into your room.   Therefore the host needs to create a meeting environment that facilitates success through a combination of tools and procedures.

InnerPass is centered on helping professionals, educational institutions, and businesses, conduct successful meetings through the use of InnerPass, to share, collaborate and communicate.


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