InnerPass and Oak Horizons

Hi!  My name is Colleen and I’m the newest member of the InnerPass team.  As you may have read on the blog and in some of our press releases, we have a lot of big things taking shape here, and I am excited to be a part of the product developments we’ve been working on over the past few weeks!

I was very excited by the OAK Horizons news we announced recently.  To me, OAK Horizons is an interesting case study in that it is one of the first times one of our higher-education clients has been able to delineate the benefits of using collaboration technology like InnerPass in delivering Distance Learning and in growing their own education business.

Some of my takeaways of Oak Horizons’ experience include:

–          Cost Savings: Because InnerPass leverages Skype calling plans, the cost of the overall tool is low.  Rather than providing expensive collaboration technology a part of their programs, and passing this cost along to students and student organizations, OAK Horizons was able to integrate InnerPass into its programs in an efficient and cost-effective way.

–          Complementary Technology: OAK Horizons was already well-known for delivering superior Distance Learning to their students around the world.  They were able to quickly and easily adopt InnerPass and add another dimension to the material they were delivering.  It also helped them to give superior remedial help to those students that requested it.  Sometimes those students who are learning online need to speak with a teacher in real-time.  InnerPass enables that to happen as frequently as is needed.

–          Business Growth: In addition to enhancing the learning experiences of OAK Horizons students, owner and instructor Kathryn Martin was able to use the tool to reach out to potential client organizations.  If and when they request a meeting to demonstrate the kind of curricula and instruction she offers, she invites them to an InnerPass meeting to share document and presentations and to show them firsthand how easy the real-time interaction between instructors and students can be.

This has been a great opportunity to discuss how our higher-education clients recognize benefits from using InnerPass.  Do you have any education-specific successes with InnerPass you would like to share?  Leave a comment below.


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