Group Collaboration and Social Networking

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter – these are the three biggest social networks for business, and Group Collaboration is a growing interest among all of them.  In fact, in a recent interview Mark  Zuckerberg stated that the biggest problem in social networking is that it lacks group collaboration.  Facebook has always been a 1-to-1 collaboration until recently when it released the new Groups feature.  Zuckerberg believes will be a hit among customers. (Read more…)  The fastest growing segment of Facebook users is business professionals and discussion groups for business like “Facebook for Business” with over 56,000 members.  LinkedIn has always catered to the senior business professionals with current members exceeding 80 million people.  And what was at first the popular site for social updates and gossip, Twitter has become the source of business leads and networking for thousands of people.  (Read more…)

InnerPass discovered long ago the importance of Group Collaboration and it’s why we offer one of the most flexible and least expensive tools on the market.   With over 3 million in the InnerPass community, we think others understand the importance of Group Collaboration too.


One comment on “Group Collaboration and Social Networking

  1. Dan
    January 24, 2011 at 4:03 pm #

    Great blog, very true about the direction of Group Collab.

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