Month: February 2011

I spoke to an InnerPass user today that collaborates with people he may never meet. Some of these users may also not have access to Skype. He has found MyGuestPage to be an ideal way to address both issues. Participants only need to to have internet access. They can then see any rooms they have

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InnerPass for MBAs

Weekly we hear from MBA and higher Ed students world wide. Today’s students are being required to Collaborate on their course work more than previously. We are hearing from many of them that use Screen Sharing and Meeting rooms as their primary tool to facilitate these Collaborations.

We Welcome DimDim’s

So DimDim goes the way of the DoDo. Just kidding, they were acquired by SalesForce. is is offering all DimDim customers 2 free annual plans of its screen and file sharing service for every 1 you purchase. DimDim was recently acquired by SalesForce, and as a result it will be shutting down its existing services,

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Anyone can Share. One will Xoom!

Win the new Motorola Xoom! On April 1, InnerPass will give away the new Motorola Xoom to one of our new customers. The Xoom was awarded best in show by CNET at CES 2011. Anyone who purchases a plan between February 1, 2011 and March 31, 2011 is automatically entered into the drawing.  And if you sign

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Conference Calling Etiquette

My Sunday morning ritual always includes a hot cup of tea and the Boston Globe.  I never miss the Work Etiquette column and today’s advice was so good I just have to pass it along.   The columnist tells the story of how someone forgot the cardinal rule of conference calling:  “Never say anything derogatory during

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Industry News – Net Neutrality

Recently the FCC adopted net neutrality laws to regulate web traffic Net neutrality is a problem related to the internet and frankly, not enough people know about it.  It is the principle that broadband network providers should be completely impartial to what information is sent over their networks.  In other words, no piece of

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MyGuestPage — Have you been missing out on this?

At InnerPass we like making things easier for our customers and that includes making things easier for their guests.  If you haven’t tried MyGuestPage you are really missing out.  We built this website last year because some of our subscribers use InnerPass with people who do not have InnerPass or Skype and the Guest Page

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