Industry News – Net Neutrality

Recently the FCC adopted net neutrality laws to regulate web traffic Net neutrality is a problem related to the internet and frankly, not enough people know about it.  It is the principle that broadband network providers should be completely impartial to what information is sent over their networks.  In other words, no piece of information should be prioritized over another.   Without net neutrality, network providers could decide how fast data is transmitted over certain websites and at what quality. 

The concept of net neutrality is not new.   For instance, no matter what devices you plug into an electric outlet, they all get equal access to electricity.  This is the basic fundamental rule behind the electric grid.   And going back to the 1800’s when the telegraph was the communication tool of the day, the rule was that all messages received would be transmitted in the order they were received.  No messages were given priority based on content.  So ask yourself, should network providers be able to pick and choose which websites get faster broadband? 

For more information on net neutrality, you may want to read these articles:,,sid7_gci1207194,00.html


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