Conference Calling Etiquette

My Sunday morning ritual always includes a hot cup of tea and the Boston Globe.  I never miss the Work Etiquette column and today’s advice was so good I just have to pass it along.   The columnist tells the story of how someone forgot the cardinal rule of conference calling:  “Never say anything derogatory during a conference call.”  Yup, you guessed it… the person thought the mute button was on so he hurled insults at someone on the other end of the line.  The writer goes on to list several tips to make conference calls successful.  Read the full article at

 I’ve got a couple of tips of my own to add: 

  • When finishing a Skype call, don’t forget to HANG UP!   If you start talking to a colleague and you’ve left someone on the Skype call, they’ll be able to hear everything you say. 
  • When finishing an InnerPass Screen Sharing Session, remember to END THE SESSION.  Imagine if you kept your desktop available after the meeting and brought up personal financial information or, heaven forbid, sent an email to a friend describing the idiot you just had a meeting with! 

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