And now a word from our customers…

Hello and happy getting closer to Spring!  As the two feet of snow here in the Northeast melts, my days get brighter and brighter.  But nothing makes me happier than receiving feedback from customers like the one below. 

“I am an independent financial planner using a web based program to build lifetime cash flow models and ‘what if’ financial planning scenarios. Usually I present my client models in a face to face workshop at my office (sometimes at theirs). InnerPass will enable me to do this in a virtual environment. This will allow me to seek to attract and engage prospective clients from anywhere really.  I wasn’t using anything before as the cost was quite high if you are not ‘using it every day’, I have looked at quite a few options but it’s the ability to hook up in conjunction with Skype that attracted me. I can now have ‘face-to-face’ virtual presentation meetings at a very low cost.  Thank you very much for the providing the functionality…love it!”

I am also learning that more and more of our new customers are switching from GoToMeeting, WebEx, and SharedView to InnerPass.  Our customers tell us that InnerPass gives them everything they need for a whole lot less money.  With rising gas prices and travel costs, everyone is being much more frugal and InnerPass fits their needs and their wallets. 

Saving you money, saving you time, and making your work easier.   So glad we can help.


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