Month: October 2011

Dangers of Data Transfer over P2P networks

InnerPass provides a secure way to share files thru it’s  Meeting Rooms or Groups.  The attached article describes how files sent thru Skype P2P file sharing can reveal the IP address of the sending party. Advertisements

Global Web Conferencing Market and Collaboration

This is a excerpt from a Frost & Sullivan report published: 30 Sep 2011 Strong Demand for Collaboration and Declining Prices Lead to Broader Adoption As users adopt the next generation of communications, collaboration is fast becoming the backbone of enterprise communications. The value proposition of web conferencing solutions today is improving at a fast

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Group Mix Now Shows Networks

Effective 10/4 we added the ability to see everyone in your corporate network that is a member of one of your Groups. We also added the ability to see all members of Groups you belong to. Now you’ll be able to identify individuals within your company and externally that share common interests.