Group Mix and File Sync

If you’re using Group Mix for sharing files, then you should know that in Group Mix we have FileSync. Each person in your group can turn on FileSync for the group which means any document added, changed, or deleted will be reflected automatically on your computer. The files will be placed under your documents folder

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Skype new Application Directory

Skype Launches Own App Store, Apps Currently Available Some of the apps include VodBurner Video Call Recorder, VuRoom, and InnerPass Screen Sharing. InnerPass allows both PCs and Macs to participate in the same Screen Sharing session. VodBurner allows you to record any of your video calls through Skype.

Skype New App Store

Skype Launches Own App Store Some of the apps include InnerPass Screen Sharing.  InnerPass designated Skype top paid downloaded app. InnerPass Screen Sharing app gives Mac and Widows users ability to share screen with 50 Skype contacts.

Conference Bridge Controls

Our Conference Call Service has several features.  The following commands are available on Commands Menu . Press * while on the call to access our list of commands. *1 Will mute or unmute your line. *4 Will lower the volume of the conference call. *6 Will raise the volume of the conference call. *7 Will

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Problem with Guest screen sizing

This was a recent question: Q:When one of my clients is launching an InnerMeeting from their email invitation, is there a way they can make the shared screen expand to cover their entire computer screen? Currently the limited view cuts off part of my PowerPoint slides. A:If they hit the the small to large boxes

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UC and C

The term Unified Communications (UC) has become more prominent in the general Telecom lexicon over the past 2 years. Its origin actually goes back to 2001 when vendors starting integrating email with voice.  It has been extended to include chat, presence and SMS. They next leap in functionality is the additional “C” namely Collaboration. InnerPass

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Simple and Effective Screen Sharing with InnerPass.

Steve made a great video showing how easy it is to use InnerPass screen sharing! There’s also more info on our website:

New InnerPass Feature: Microsoft Office Meeting Scheduler

InnerPass provides many ways in which you can plan and launch your web meetings.   I use Microsoft Outlook for all my meetings; it’s a logical place for me because all my contacts are in Outlook.   I spend most of my day with Outlook open anyway so it makes good sense to have a shortcut to

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Important Pricing Update

Current InnerPass user, Our application has similar functionality as GoToMeeting and WebEx but at a fraction of the cost. On April 1st we are increasing our prices slightly; our current yearly subscription of $19.95 is increasing to $24.95 per year. With this price increase we’re adding a way to schedule, launch, and manage your meetings

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Registered Investment Advisors are discovering InnerPass

Registered Investment Advisors (RIA) are discovering that InnerPass enables them to conduct face to face workshops with their clients in a virtual environment.  Video calls allow them to maintain personal contact, and screen sharing provides the ability to present new ideas and review documents in a safe environment. InnerPass meeting rooms provide a secure repository

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