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Conference Calling Etiquette

My Sunday morning ritual always includes a hot cup of tea and the Boston Globe.  I never miss the Work Etiquette column and today’s advice was so good I just have to pass it along.   The columnist tells the story of how someone forgot the cardinal rule of conference calling:  “Never say anything derogatory during

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MyGuestPage — Have you been missing out on this?

At InnerPass we like making things easier for our customers and that includes making things easier for their guests.  If you haven’t tried MyGuestPage you are really missing out.  We built this website last year because some of our subscribers use InnerPass with people who do not have InnerPass or Skype and the Guest Page

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New Pricing Model

New InnerPass Subscription Plans and their prices are changing for the better.   Today we offer three primary plans plus several customized plans.   Each current plan had different options with varying limits placed on usage.   We’ve simplified all of this and we’re removing most of the limits.   Starting in late May there will only be 2

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New Guest Page

The InnerPass team has been busy building a new web site just for meeting guests.  Some of our subscribers use InnerPass with people who do not have InnerPass or Skype and this new guest page is making collaboration with them much easier.   The website http://www.MyGuestPage.com is a very light version of InnerPass that allows you

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Skype picks their favorite Extra!

Skype’s Favorite Extra 50% Off Promotion Ends March 15th, 2010 Greetings InnerPass users! Skype has just named InnerPass as this month’s favorite application in their Skype Shop.   To show our appreciation to Skype in supporting us we will give you 50% off when purchasing any of our annual plans. To get started just click the

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Cloud Computing

Several of you asked me about the conference room in the cloud picture so I’ll try my best to explain it here.  InnerPass is very much on board with the industry trend ‘cloud computing’.  You can think of cloud computing as a way to use applications over the internet, but the applications are independent of

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Global Recession accelerates Skype useage

Jean Mercier has been the unofficial Skype Score Keeper for several years. One of the items he tracks is when the # of Skype users online reaches a new Million Mark.    Amazingly it took only 21 calendar days for it to go from 18 Million to 19 Million. In the past it has taken as

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Great Article: How ArtisansLabel.Com uses Skype & InnerPass

Have you Discovered Skype? “…However, I see Skype’s greatest impact on the business world. Years ago, it was a giant production and great expense to set up a video conference between offices in different locations. Now all you need to do is download Skype. Skype has increased the communication within organizations and allowed people to

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10 Tools to Make your Skype Better

Skype software allows users to make telephone calls over the Internet, either to other Skype customers or, for a cost, to cell phones or landlines.Skype uses a proprietary Internet telephony (VoIP) network based on the peer-to-peer model instead of the more common client-server model. Here are the tools which will support your skype better: http://www.zepy.net/archives/10-tools-to-make-your-skype-better.html

Live In Person Chat

We recently added a Live Chat Support on our home page and we never expected to have so many benefits (except our CEO knew we would). There’s so much content on the web these days that people have less time to read and page through websites. A Live Chat link offers a great alternative to

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